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A Chain for Youth

The Junior Chain is presented in Solihull

 As the outgoing Mayor and Mayoress of Solihull (Rotarians Ian & Sheila Courts, of the Meriden Club) prepared to hand back their chains of office, they decided to leave the borough a brand new piece of jewellery – a “Junior Mayoral Chain”.

The junior chain will be available for borough schools to use during their youth council meetings – it will be worn by the chair of the meeting – to help them learn about local democracy.

Youth Councils are a common feature of most schools now and the Mayor and Mayoress have even taken part in one school council meeting during their year in office. They have also been fascinated, and very impressed, by their many meetings with children and young people and the quality of debates that they have hosted in the Council Chamber, involving not just schools, but also scout groups and others.

Rotary Volunteers project update

Rotary volunteers at work

Due to extreme economic pressures, the Rotary Foundation was forced to cut the Volunteer Service Grant funds, March 2009 bringing many volunteer programmes to a grinding halt. We were desperate that the Kilimambogo Dental Clinic, Kenya, would not become one of these programmes doomed to fail because volunteers could not afford to travel and give a month’s service to this successful project. 

An Earthquake Story


Hello, I've been inundated with texts, phone calls, emails and messages of love and support, thank you. If you want to hear how it was and where I'm at then read on. (Abby for your benefit I've tried to use lots of paragraph breaks!)

Collection for Japanese Disaster

Date and Time: 
Monday, March 28, 2011 - 08:00 - Saturday, April 2, 2011 - 18:00
We will be making a collection for Shelter Box.
Chamberlain Square, Birmingham - based in a prominent position between the city library and the Town Hall
Shelterbox to help in Japan

You will all be aware of the huge humanitarian problems caused by the earthquake and tsunami and the need for the international community to rally round and offer assistance in different ways.   We are collectign for ShelterBox who have been requested to provide 500 boxes to assist in the disaster.

Hot News:  Over £7,900 collected to send help to Japan.